Time and money

2017 May

We never seem to have enough money or enough time but why is that? When we think about our expenses for a week or for a month, even if we accurately calculate it when a year comes the sum we calculated was never enough. Its not just for this, but when we go somewhere we are also often 5 minutes late instead of 5 minutes early. We are always waiting 5 minutes more for someone to arrive but rarely arriving early to see the other person has also arrived early. Why do we squeeze ourselves to have our expenses so close to what we earn? If we earnt 20% less than what we did right now, surely our house would be smaller or we would have a less expensive car and so on but we typically have something similar around us to that of how much we earn. Do we ever consider the other option? It seems no matter where you look and no matter how little or how much people have or can afford they put a strain on themselves whether through their mortgage, holidays or just the things they buy. If we look at how much we buy in relation to what we can afford, people tend to place it pretty tightly against what they earn. Yes they may be putting money into retirement and be in a stable job which affords this lifestyle and lets them retire but even that can come with feeling like that of you can never change jobs or take a break and makes work just that little more stressful, after all its all hanging by a thread, your job.

Do you think there is much of a time period after someone getting a pay rise or starting a new job to that of starting to upgrade objects around themselves or moving to a bigger flat? Well you would think there was and there is, its just that its negative, that is we have spent the difference before it actually happens. Any sign of an increase of pay and our lives quickly start to adapt, to restructure, furniture starts to move, bags get packed, cars are sold and new ones bought, choices of holidays are changed and so on. There we had a small chance to ease the burden of these objects but we chose to maintain it. Even a six month delay could have increased our cushion to future problems but we ignored it. Well not everyone but we just have to look at how much debt the average person has and behaviours of people to know its pretty true of most.

If you have ever spent much time working with children or have some of you own, you could say its like when you give a sweet or a piece of candy to a child, you most likely just raise suspicion inside of them and they ask if there is anymore even though a second a go they may have been happily playing with their toys. Same with adults give them a substantial pay rise and next time you see them something would have changed.. eagerly arriving at work for the chance to get some more of that sweet stuff. All of this behaviour may seem harmless but it has dire consequences. Firstly you are walking on a thinner plank than before, if anything too unusual happens and its downsize time and lots of debt to pay that you can no longer afford and lets hope interest rates don't go up also. Not only that but if you do have children, they grow up with expectations of life. If the physics of this world was any different we wouldn't question why it was like that, if gravity was so low that we could jump over cars with ease.. we wouldn't question why we need suction on our boots, we would just expect a nice pair with premium suction that is once we got that pay rise at that job we have been doing for the last 5 years. If we bring children into the world in a way where items seem replacable whenever we need and money is just about how much they can get from their parents, then expect them to think that of life for themselves once they venture out. It will be them trying to get more money out of their job so as to convert it into items just like you taught them. The result is years of realisation or an attitude that keeps them tied up with life. Children from poor backgrounds can often carry a look that makes a hard working adult smile, a look of care for things and less greed for stuff, a rich kid can turn someone's stomach. We don't need to look for the extreme case to feel its so, just because we may have children ourselves pretty centre in the middle of all of this, doesn't mean the middle is the best place. Western countries already consume so much its reliant on the other side of the world working double time to make it happen. After all money was created so we could exchange our hard work that we put into something into something else that is without having to swap it back and forth between other objects in a mess of trying to get what we wanted to swap it for at the start. Now when we take out a note and pay for something, that note represents your minutes or hours at work and you are exchanging it for an object, often enough it is made by a lot of people on the other side of the world who only got to exchange their time for something very minor in comparison to ourselves. When we buy something and attach interest payments to it and if that interest was reported in hours at the office would we still buy it? probably not. Money hides its value from us and businesses convientatly shape it in their favour even more.

Although we can put in time and energy to help others we also like to make it difficult for ourselves almost to the point it prevents us from helping anyone else around us, such as countries that are far away from us. We make something that could be good for ourselves stressful, its like we are unable to handle the power that money has on us, it represents an ability to buy anything if we have enough of it. Nothing should be seen as this strong, we have to change our mindset to money if we can. Then on top of that soon as we get time off from work, its already planned out. We need to visit people, go on holiday, do those things we still haven't done. Christmas comes finally another holiday and its spent wrapping up presents, spending more money than usual when wouldn't it just be better to spend time and have more time with those people rather than all running around away from each other to only spend a day together in a mess of pretending to like gifts and a set convention of tasks, when all we really want to do is relax and chat about things. We got used to it and we let businesses make it bigger and bigger, they have fully reeled us in, to the point we just run around all year trying to get to the shops at the times they told us too. No wonder we sometimes here about that guy who had enough and wandered off with a few sticks and caravan and then tells everyone how much healthier he feels. Then we think wow really.. maybe I should work out more you think to yourself. After work a quick run, or more like keep your heart pace as low as possible until 7pm where you then proceed to make it beat so hard it thinks its under attack, what a great way to end the day. Forcing heart pulpatations to change fat into energy.

Money corrupts us because we don't think about it in terms of how we got it. If you start thinking about it in terms of 63 minutes at work in exchange for this premium deluxe towel with a big picture of a rose your wife thinks looks pretty, which would you rather do? 20 minutes of work and the baige towel or an extra 43 minutes to wipe a rose all over you each morning. All these self help books on money and how to spend it, all you have to do is see money as a pocket of your time giving a service to a company or whatever it is you do. When a price tag pops up you ask yourself do I want to convert this many minutes at work into this, is this a good conversion? Sure if you hate your job so much and you follow this advice you may actually end up not buying anything at all but some common sense will sort that one out. If you don't have money then you don't have something to exchange with for something, borrowing money is borrowing money from your future self, but its not just that its recognising humans shouldn't have this option to begin with. Don't give yourself this option unless its in a very conventional way.

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